Articles by Martha Sherrill

My first job in publishing was fashion assistant at The Washington Post, working for legendary editor Nina Hyde. She was intelligent, sophisticated and strong — a powerhouse and total pro. She taught me so many important things about life, work, journalism, and decency. After two years as Nina’s sidekick, I was given a paid summer internship in general assignment feature writing in the Style section. The following year, I was hired as a full-time staff writer. My first beat was covering parties. (The editor of Style, Mary Hadar, said: “I don’t care if you’re the next Updike, what I need is a party reporter.”) The following year, I ascended to covering arts, entertainment and politics.

Ben Bradlee, the executive editor of the newspaper, was a guiding light, a sidelines kibbitzer and great male muse. He had high standards and was an inspiration — and pushed us all to be better. Over time I did a bit of everything: profiles, investigative stories, mood essays, scene pieces, group studies, and quick “day hits” about washed up movie stars. I was sent to L.A. to cover earthquakes and riots. I was sent to Milwaukee for serial murderer Jeffrey Dahmer’s trial. I was sent to Barcelona to cover the Olympics. For the last twenty years, I have worked mostly on books — sometimes my own.

I have always been more interested in psychology and group behavior than news.



“My Father, The Bachelor,” Esquire Classic Podcast — Dec 2016

“My Father, The Bachelor” – original essay – June 1999.

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Dream Girl – “The Allegra Coleman Nobody Knows” – November 1996 (cover story, pictured below)

Steve Martin – “Mr. Lonelyhearts”- April 1996 (cover story, pictured below)

Sen. Robert Kerrey – “Grave Doubts”– January 1996

Jim Carrey – “Jim Carrey Feels No Pain”- December 1995

Andre Agassi – “Educating Andre” – May 1995

Don Imus – “The King of